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“We just wanted to say thank you again for all the help.  We will be referring you on any and all requests with how great you have been to us!  Once again thank you so much!  -Derek K

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I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfill their dream of homeownership and the feeling of pride and purpose that comes with owning their own home.  I am passionate about assisting all people fulfill their dream of homeownership.  I enjoy educating people about the process, ways to improve their financial stability and not to give up when the road gets a little rocky.  Owning a home invokes a feeling of pride and purpose that represents the stability, pride and purpose that represents the stability, independence and freedom of reaching dreams!  I truly enjoy the celebration of their success!

Little Known Fact:
I have been married to my friend and life partner for 27 years - can wait for the next 27 years with him!

I am Passionate About: My Family, we have two boys. They keep my heart in the best possible place. My Zoo - I have 6 furbabies!  3 dogs and 3 cats! Marvel Movies - thanks to my boys growing up watching them - they are grown now but I can't quite stop watching. Home Improvement Shows - how do you think I chose the wall and floor colors in my own home?

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